On race day, your brain power will probably be spent visualising the perfect race transition or crossing the finish line with your arms raised having completed the perfect race. 

This means you might forget to pack the bits of kit you need to actually run the race in the first place!  Use our ultimate duathlon kit list to check off those crucial items you need to bring with you.

  • Race day instructions. Be stress free on race day – write down what you need to do, where you need to be and when.  Check the Powerman Malaysia Facebook page and website for more details on our race.
  • Performance kit. Bring kit that is comfortable to both cycle AND run in.  A warm-weather tri-suit will be good for this.
  • Race belt. For your very own race number.
  • Running hat or sweat band. Keep those beads of sweat out of your eyes!
  • Running shoes. If you want a quick transition, go for shoes with stretch laces so you don’t spend extra time tying them instead.
  • Bike shoes. Bring spare cleats and screws just in case.
  • Repair kit. There is nothing worse than getting a puncture mid-race.  Be prepared – have a repair kit with a spare inner tube and levers in your saddle bag.
  • Hand pump. Attach a hand pump to your bike frame in case you get a mid-race puncture.
  • Water bottles. It is crucial you stay hydrated.  Bring at least 2 water bottles to fill up.
  • Your body will need lots of energy on race day.  Think about what your body will need and bring some energy bars or energy gels to help performance.
  • Cycle helmet. You won’t be allowed to race without one.
  • Don’t make the mistake of running in the hot sun without sunscreen.
  • If the sun is bright, sunglasses will make completing the race much more enjoyable.  Try and get some specially made for running and cycling.
  • Colourful towel. This will help distinguish your transition area and make it easy to spot for a quick changeover. 
  • Kit box. Bring a small box to make sure all your kit stays in place for a seamless transition.
  • Bike. You’ll definitely need this!